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80 Series Sale Items and Promotions

80 Series Brown and Mocha
SOR Deluxe Slip Cover Sets
Sets include front seats,
passenger seats and arm rest cover
Sets range in price depending on
interior trim and color

Console covers for
leather interior
available separately


#309-800-BRNSET BRN SLIPCOVRSET 1/90-1/98 FJ80 W/CLOTH 995.00 #309-800-MOCSET MOCHASLIPCOVSET 1/90-1/98 FJ80 W/CLOTH 885.00 #309-801-BRNSET BRN SLIPCOVRSET 8/92-1997 FJ80 W/LEATHER 945.00 #309-801-MOCSET MOC SLIPCOVRSET 8/92-1997 FJ80 W/LEATHER 945.00
80 Series
Scuff Plate Set

#237-10Stainless Steel Scuff Plate Set Fits 1/90-1/98 80 Series-4 piece set
80 Series SOR Dash Covers
FJ80, FZJ80 and LX450

Left and Right-hand Drive
Available in Brown, Gray,
Oak and Black

#346-180 1/90-1994 Fits FJ80
Gray and Brown
#346-181 Fits 1995-1997 FZJ80/LEXUS Black,
Gray and Oak