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Save yourself a headache, confirm your parts. Be sure the parts you are ordering will fit the Land Cruiser you drive. Ensure your production date falls within the timeframe noted on the “Fits” line in description for the parts you order. If you are not sure, give us a call, we’re here to help.

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Confirm your part numbers disclaimer example

In this example, 088-100A-KIT fits a Land Cruiser built between 1963 and 9/73. The ending month/year means this part Fits vehicles up to but not including September 1973 or vehicles built between January 1, 1963 and August 31, 1973. The kit required for a 9/73 or September 1973 vehicle is 088-100B-KIT, which Fits 9/73-8/92 or vehicles built between September 1, 1973 and July 31, 1992. If the starting date or ending date is a 4-digit year instead of month/year, the part Fits the starting year, the ending year, and all months and years in between.
Fits 1963-9/73 - between January 1, 1963 and August 31, 1973
Fits 1963-1974 - between January 1, 1963 and December 31, 1974

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Page 229 Land Cruiser 60, 62 & 100 Series ECB Big Tube Bar & 100 Series Nudge bar

ECB Bull Bars

Big Tube Bull Bar

Big Tube Bar UPS Shippable
SOR Photo SOR Photo
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The Big Tube Bar for the Land Cruiser is the result of ECB's commitment to the excellence in product engineering and performance. Tested and certified to comply with the 100 Series SRS air bags and crumple zones, this Big Tube Bar is carefully designed to complement the Land Cruiser's bold new styling. Made exclusively from high tensile materials, the full featured Big Tube Bar will also accommodate an electric recovery winch when fitted with the optional remote mounted winch frame kit (order separately). The recovery winch housing conceals the complete winching system within the bar's original dimensions. This provides a unique new system with tamper proof security, while ensuring there is no unnecessary forward protruding components. Styled to please and engineered to perform. Big Tube Bars mount directly to the vehicle's frame with individually designed brackets for a perfect first time fit. All of the Bullbar hardware is optimum quality 'High Tensile' bolts where required.

SOR Photo
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1-Fully Welded Gussets-ECB Big Tube Bullbars incorporate additional fully welded gussets adding strength and support to the bar's side loop.
2-Impact Absorbing Polyurethane Push Pads
3-Winch Compatible/Intergrated Winch Mounting Provisions-Most ECB Big Tube Bar designs incorporate an integrated winch mounting facility. See #229-600, #229-602, and #229-604 for application. ECB has individually engineered winch mounting systems for specific models including air bag equipped vehicles.
4-Spot Light Brackets/Mounting Provisions-ECB protection bars provide sturdy mounting points for a wide range of auxiliary spot & driving lights for most models.
5-Mandrel Tube Bending-Provides smooth precise curves while assembly in jigs ensures consistent accuracy.
6-Structural Grade Aluminium Alloy-A heavy duty one piece alloy tapered channel/bumper section provides correct off-road ground clarence and approach angles. The use of High Tensile alloys results in maximum strength to weight ratios.

Ship Weight; 74lbs For more information on East Coast Bullbars see the bottom of this page.

Part Number
*In Stock
Mirror Polished Finish-Fits 8/80-8/87 60 Series-Accepts winch, requires Winch Mounting Kit #229-600-Must be shipped by truck
Club Price with 15% Discount is $ 821.25 Click here for info about joining Club SOR
(an Additional Handling Charge of 35.00 is already included in price)
 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.p65warnings.ca.gov
Silver Hammertone Finish-Fits 8/80-8/87 60 Series-Accepts winch, requires Winch Mounting Kit #229-600-Must be shipped by truck
Club Price with 15% Discount is $ 757.50 Click here for info about joining Club SOR
(an Additional Handling Charge of 35.00 is already included in price)
 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.p65warnings.ca.gov
Silver Hammertone Finish-Fits 8/87-1/90 62 Series-Accepts winch, requires Winch Mounting Kit #229-600-Must be shipped by truck
Club Price with 15% Discount is $ 757.50 Click here for info about joining Club SOR
(an Additional Handling Charge of 35.00 is already included in price)
 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.p65warnings.ca.gov
Nudge Bar
SOR Photo
(click for large picture)

Fully Welded Construction Spot Light Mounting Brackets. The '76mm Nudge Bar' when fitted to the Land Cruiser provides a very stylish mounting point for driving lights while offering considerable protection for the factory bumper and grill assemblies.

UPS Shippable

Ship Weight; 12 lbs For more information on East Coast Bullbars see the bottom of this page.

Part Number
*In Stock
Mirror Polished Finish-Fits 1/98-2005 100 Series
Club Price with 15% Discount is $ 518.85 Click here for info about joining Club SOR
(an Additional Handling Charge of 25.00 is already included in price)
 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.p65warnings.ca.gov
What Makes an ECB Bull Bar
Silver Hammertone Finish
The powder coated finish products go through a 4 step preparation process. Once fully prepared they are then powder painted with the required powder coated finish via an electro charged dry powder painting process. When they are fully painted, they are then baked in a specially designed powder cure oven at temperatures in excess of 230 degrees.This process ensures that your product is fully protected from the elements and the finish is there to stay, providing you with continued long lasting presentation and performance. While offering superb eye catching appearance, the attractive and durable textured powder coated finish requires virtually no maintenance.
Mirror Polish Finish
If the appeal of Mirror Polished alloy is more your style, then you may choose this option. ECB's reputation as the best quality polished finish in the industry has not been earned lightly. ECB demands the highest standard of workmanship which is reflected in the quality of the finish on ECB polished products.The polishing process is a very manual one, requiring extensive skill and intense labor. If you decided that a Mirror Polished product is what you want, then that is exactly what you'll get from ECB. Not something that just looks shiny, but the true "Mirror Polished".
Air Bag Safety Through Technology
Back in 1994, ECB realized that it would not be long before most vehicles would be equipped with the modern safety features of SRS Air Bag Systems and predetermined crumple characteristics. At this time a decision was made to learn as much as possible about air bags and how to build frontal protection bars that could work with them without compromising their effectiveness. At ECB they have done extensive research and testing over the last four years to achieve this goal. It has been expensive, but as ECB is committed to the long term, the time and expense is worth while.
Compatibility Testing
ECB's testing methods have been both "Static" destruction and "Dynamic" impact, using advanced computer comparison programs to ensure that the product tested does not adversely affect the crumple zones such as crush cans. To accurately record the data needed to engineer such products and complete this testing, ECB employed the professional services of various institutions and automotive safety engineers to design in house testing equipment. From this they constructed not one, but two test rigs. One uses a weighted pendulum that can be calibrated to suit a variety of vehicles and their componentry. The other rig utilizes a hydraulic ram designed to show how a product affects progressive crumple rate, as well as testing original equipment. Using researched information on Air bag deployment, ECB's testing allows a maximum margin of 10 percent either way in the timing of airbag deployment. Remember, we are talking about milliseconds in the time it takes for an airbag to deploy, and ten percent of a millisecond is not even the blink of an eye.Early into the research and testing ECB's engineers found that each vehicle tested had different characteristics and requirements, and so they ensured that each different vehicle with each different product is always tested independently. Hence their need for two testing rigs and the ability to calibrate the testing equipment to suit individual models.
Don't Risk Untested Products
Some manufactures are willing to put you at risk by supplying non tested or incorrectly designed products. Ultimately this action could compromise your safety, as ECB and independent research and testing has clearly found that an incorrectly designed frontal protection bar can interfere with the correct operation of SRS systems.

ECB goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure each product provides maximum performance, without compromising safety. Don't assume that an Air Bag compatible product is a weaker or any less effective than a traditional frontal protection bar. In some cases products have been upgraded in terms of performance and strength in developing them for air bag equipped vehicles. Quite simply if a product has not been suitable engineered, correctly developed and fully certified though an extensive testing program you should not buy it. It is not worth the risk.

Genuine or Aftermarket?
Making The Correct Choice
In today's Front protection bar market, the choices available are extensive to say the least. However, making the right choice is simple when you look at the facts!
Genuine or Aftermarket?
ECB continues its extensive work to ensure that the vehicle protection systems they manufacture protect, aid the performance, and enhance the vehicles that they are fitted to.Today most motor vehicle manufacturers or distributors offer front protection bars as a genuine accessory for many models. To this end, they discourage the fitment of "After market" frontal protection bars using false claims. These include issues of safety, new vehicle warranty and of course air bag compatibility. Ironically, all "genuine" frontal protection bars marketed by the vehicle manufactures are in-fact manufactured by aftermarket companies.The fact is, these claims are made simply due to the vehicle manufacture's wanting the revenue from these product sales.Vehicle manufactures will have you believe that products supplied from the aftermarket may effect your new vehicle warranty. Do not be fooled that this is the case above all the issues surrounding such statements. The fact is, it is against the trade practices act for your new vehicle warranty to be excluded due to the fitment of an ECB frontal protection bar.A point to consider is that invariably a genuine protection bar has been sold to the vehicle manufacture or distributor, it is then sold to the new vehicle dealer, who then sells the product again to you. This results in many people making a profit on each sale, but the end result is that you receive a product that has to be marketed at a competitive price. Therefore it has to be manufactured as cheaply as possible. While there are many claims, the fact is you receive a cheaper lower quality product for the same or higher cost.Don't be bullied into purchasing an inferior quality product by the vehicle manufactures or distributors. You have the choice, after all it is your vehicle and don't you deserve true quality and value for your money!
Plastic, Steel, or Alloy?
Making The Correct Choice
In today's Front protection bar market, the choices available are extensive to say the least. However, making the right choice is simple when you look at the facts!
Plastic Protection Bars
Over recent years newly redesigned polyethylene or simply plastic protection bars have entered the market, making some broad claims. Plastic is simply too flexible, some manufacture's claim that their frontal protection bars spring back into shape after an impact. It is great that the bar flexes then returns to its original shape and looks virtually unmarked. However what about your vehicle? The very reason that you fit a protection bar for is to minimize damage to your vehicle. When the plastic protection bar has flexed through your body work, damaged you radiator and other vital components and left you stranded on the side of the road with you vehicle immobile, and you're contemplating a large repair invoice, the benefits of a plastic protection bar which has sprung back into shape are soon forgotten. In many cases the plastic product is no stronger than the original bumper that it replaces.Plastic is a great product but not for a Bullbar!
Steel Protection Bars
Steel Bullbars are too heavy, especially for today's modern 4wd vehicles with their lightweight yet high performance suspension and sub frames. If a steel bullbar is made correctly it is too much of a weight burden for your vehicle. Some steel manufactures build steel products so light to reduce weight, that they are not much stronger than plastic bars available. Have you ever noticed that the major manufacture's of steel products will also sell upgraded suspension? That's because you probably will need it if you fit a steel bullbar.Steel also has no elasticity, which means in an impact the full force is directed to your chassis, engine mounts and ultimately the occupants of the vehicle. And finally -- they rust.
Aluminium Alloy Protection Bars
A correctly manufactured alloy product is really the prefect choice. Sure there are some alloy manufactures that give alloy protection bars a bad name by using cheap, non structural grades of alloy and very thin sections of material. Or use designs that have to use low grades of alloy in their manufacture process. These products do little more than attempt to look good.ECB's claim is that they have been manufacturing quality alloy Bullbars for over 25 years. They know what materials to use, what tensile strength and what thickness, etc. This knowledge allows them to manufacture products that are built to perform and look great. The elastic qualities of the alloys ECB uses absorbs shock on impact. Therefore relieving sudden shock loading on the vehicle chassis, engine mounts and you and your passengers. Basically the facts are Plastic is too soft, Steel is too hard and heavy. A correctly made alloy product is just right!ECB believe that the material chosen, together with their unique designs which are sometimes copies but never equalled, are the way all good reliable alloy bullbars should be made. As you can see there are protection bullbars, together with the facts surrounding genuine or after market products. However there is one thing you can be sure of... If you purchase an ECB product, you know that you have chosen wisely. All ECB products are "built to perform guaranteed to last" and offer true piece of mind protection for you, your family, and your vehicle.
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