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Rubithon 2014 Tribute to Marv
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to TLCA and its members for carrying Marv’s memory along the trail at this year’s Rubithon. The mementoes from the trip I received the other day; the wine cups, the FJ40 grill memoriam stickers, the Rubithon hat and t-shirt, the Rubithon sticker with Marv’s memoriam, the special Hall of Fame Honor, as well as all the wonderful photos, were all thoughtful and great surprises and will be cherished. It warms my heart to know that his memory continues as not just the man who sold Land Cruiser parts but also as a friend to many with a common obsession.
Thank you for honoring his legacy.
Warmest Regards,
Kay Spector
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View the Slide Show & Videos from Marv's Memorial

Fenders Fenders Fenders!
FJ40 Front Door Weatherstrip
1975-5/80 FJ40

5/80-1984 FJ40
Part #126-03A-Kit Fits 1975-5/80 Right Front Door
Part #126-04A-Kit Fits 1975-5/80 Left Front Door
Part #126-03B-Kit Fits 5/80-1984 Right Front Door
Part #126-04B-Kit Fits 5/80-1984 Left Front Door
FJ40 Front Door Weatherstrip
Fits 1963-1974 FJ40
Part #124-03-Kit Fits 1963-1974 Right Front Door
Part #124-04-Kit Fits 1963-1974 Left Front Door
Slave Cylinder
Part #018-05A Fits 1958-7/70 FJ40/45
Part #018-05B Fits 7/70-8/74 FJ40/45
Part #018-05C Fits 8/74-7/80 FJ40/45/55
Part #018-05D Fits 8/80-4/85 FJ40/45/60

Aftermarket. Rod sold separate. See part #018-99
Aftermarket Fuel Pump
Part #028-01B-A Fits 9/73-9/77
Part #028-01C-A Fits 9/77-6/78
Part #028-01D-A Fits 6/78-12/78
Aftermarket Fuel Pump
Part #028-01E-A Fits 1/79-1984
Pedal Pad Kit
Part #014-37A-Kit Fits 1958-1978 Set of 3
Part #014-37B-Kit Fits 1979-1984 Set of 3
4 Speed Inner Lever Boot
Part #116-03B Fits Toyota 4 Speed Transmission
4 Speed Transmission Boot
Part #116-02A-A Fits 4 Speed Thru 10/82 FJ40, BJ40, FJ45 & FJ55 Aftermarket
Tie Rod End Dust Boot
Part #094-05-S Tie Rod Dust Boot- Aftermarket-Fits 1958-1984 40, 45 & 55 Series-Sold each

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Light Duty
Hashi-Ken Tow Rope
Buy 1
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Quantities Limited
At this BLOW-OUT price supplies won't last!

Part #337-60 Each      Part# 337-63 Set of 3
We just lowered the price on over 1000 products

Toyota Technicians Shirt
Medium, Large, X Large
XX Large

Red Embroidered Specter Off-Road (right upper chest), Toyota logo (left upper chest), Toyota logo (upper back centered). Red and White screen printed Marv Spector Memorial "Ichiban" Logo

Part #360-70-M (Medium), #360-70-L (Large),
#360-70-XL (Extra Large) & #360-70-XXL (Double Extra Large)
Specter Off-Road will donate a percentage of the sale of this product to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network when you purchase a Marvisms T-Shirt or Toyota Technicians Shirt.
Marvisms Tee Shirt

# 11 : "Your mother raised you well!"
S, M, L

XX Large
X Large

XXX Large
Part #360-64-S (Small), #360-64-M (Medium), #360-64-L (Large), #360-64-XL (Extra Large),
#360-64-XXL (Double Extra Large) & #360-64-XXXL (Triple Extra Large)
Specter Off-Road will donate a percentage of the sale of this product to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network when you purchase a Marvisms T-Shirt or Toyota Technicians Shirt.
Thank you!
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Hey! If you were a face in that crowd and have photos to share, drop us a line at (818) 882-1238 or send us an email, sor@sor.com. We'd love to see them.

View the Slide Show & Videos

Please feel free to post any memories or photos on Marv’s Facebook page; facebook.com/marvspector

Marv’s legacy, like the legendary Land Cruiser, will live on.

When you purchase a Marvisms T-Shirt or a Toyota Technicians Shirt, Specter Off-Road will donate a percentage to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in memory of Marv Spector.
Marv Spector Memorial Mug mug
Part #359-100 One size fits all, 14oz.
Unless you're a 3 fisted drinker.

Order part #359-103 for a set of 3.
Marv would approve
Marv Spector Memorial Mug (set of 3)
Part #359-103 Set of 3 Memorial Mugs
Manual Steering Gear Boxes Wanted
$100.00 REBATE

SOR Needs 40 Series
Manual Steering Boxes.

#098-200C-R Fits 7/69 - 9/72
33 spline count at the steering wheel end.
Gear box MUST be complete
and assembled.

Rebate will be in the form of a $100.00 SOR Giftcard
For pre-paid UPS label call customer service at
(818) 882-2365
Marv Spector Wrist Band
One free with an order
Wrist band is not automatically added. Customer must add it. One per order please.
Part #359-005 Marv Spector Wrist Band Marv Spector 1949-2014
Fuel Filters
Part #028-03E 1/79-7/80
Part #028-03F 8/80-8/87
Fuel Filters
Part #028-03N Fits 8/87-1/90 3F
Part #028-03P Fits 1/90-8/92 3FE FJ80
80 Series Front PTO Bumper
Part #106-60F-AW Fits 80 Series Front Bumper - 1/90-8/92 80 Series With OEM PTO Aftermarket
80 Series Front Bumper
Part #106-60H-A Fits 80 Series Front Bumper - 1/95-1/98 80 Series Aftermarket
80 Series Tie Rod End Kit
Part #094-01-M-Kit Fits 1/90-1997 FJ80 & FZJ80 left hand drive
70 Series Tie Rod End Kit
Part #094-01-L-Kit 70 Series Fits 11/84-1/90 BJ70, FJ70, LJ70, HJ75 - Left hand drive
Hashi Rope 3T
Light Duty Tow Rope
Part #337-60
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Wrecker Wray Used Parts Info
Wrecker Wray's
Used Parts Porn.
Lot's of hard core parts

Wray’s always travelin’
he’s made it an art
world round all over
to find the right part

He found Cruiser parts
while out on his way
buy now while they’re here
‘cause they will go away

His parts are first come first serve. Place your order now.

Wray Specializes in finding the parts you can't: wreckerWray@sor.com
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