Marv Spector's Memorial

Sunday May 4th

In 2013 Marv Spector fell ill and unfortunately in early 2014 he passed away. He and Kay together built Specter Off-Road into the industry leader for new, used, OEM and aftermarket Land Cruiser parts and accessories. Though his passing was an emotionally devastating for Kay, she's been keeping their dream alive. Kay remains dedicated to the world of Land Cruiser parts and accessories and Specter Off-Road remains stronger than ever. In May of 2014 Specter Off-Road hosted a memorial and tribute to the Guru of the Land Cruiser community. This page is dedicated to Marv and highlights the day and events that followed.
Thank you to everyone who attended. Marv would be honored!
Kay's Message:
I want to thank all of you who joined us Sunday May 4th for Marv's Celebration of Life! It was an awesome day! Rarely in your lifetime are you lucky enough to be with this many of your friends & family all at one time. Marv was the common thread that brought all of us together, and it was just amazing to be surrounded by that much love. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making this day so special. All of us at SOR were honored to have you here with us.
I want to thank everyone who was involved in putting this memorial together. This was a huge task and I literally have 100's of people to personally thank for all their efforts. We will have lots of photos & slide shows to share with you of Marv's memorial & car show in the very near future.

Thank you again!
Warm regards
Kay Spector
May 10, 2014

Please feel free to post any memories or photos on Marv’s Facebook page and the ih8mud forum.

Slide Shows

View a selection of photos submitted to Specter Off-Road from photographers and attendees

Video Tributes

May 2, 2015 saw the 20th anniversary Toyotafest car show presented by TORC (Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club). It was a great event. There were close to 400 vehicles on display and this year had the largest turn out of Toyota Land Cruisers entered in the car show in the history of this event. We hope to see even more Cruisers next year! We successfully sold a special edition TORC show/FJ40 Drive a Legend t-Shirts to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer. For every T shirt and Toyota Tech Shirt we sold a percentage was donated to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( The shirts are still available at and a portion of the sales will be donated.

I want to thank the TORC team members and Toyota Motor Corp for organizing and including us in this year’s special 20th anniversary show. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth just to say hi, and to those who purchased shirts to help fight this horrible disease. Wage hope in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer! Special thanks to my Specter family who were involved with this show & made this memorial event so special.

- Kay Spector

The Back Story
In 2012 Marv made a promise to the organizers of Toyotafest that he would bring his coveted 1967 Toyota Sport 800 to the 2013 Toyotafest car show. Fewer than two dozen of this little sports car were ever brought to America and Marv was proud of his. Only 3131 were produced, less that 10% were left hand drive as Marv's was. Toyotafest is a car show consisting solely of Toyotas, presented by TORC (Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club). In 2013 Marv fell ill and unfortunately in 2014 Marv passed away before that promise would be fulfilled. As a tribute to Marv and to fulfill the promise he made, Specter Off-Road not only brought Marv’s Sport 800 but we brought his red FJ45 Troopy, said to once been owned by Saudi royalty and a very special 1989 FJ62 Japanese Firetruck with only 7683 kilometers (4772 miles) on it to the 2015, 20Th anniversary of Toyotafest. We spent a beautiful day at the harbor in Long Beach, California near the Queen Mary and sold Shirts which proceeds went to help fight Pancreatic Cancer.

Magazine Articles & Tributes

Specter Off-Road, Inc. Image
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Rubithon, June 2014

Marv Spector posthumously enter's the TLCA Hall of Fame

The Toyota Land Cruiser Association dedicated the 26th annual Rubithon to Marv Spector. He was honored during the June 2014 run of Rubicon trail with his name in memoriam on hats, t-shirts and stickers. On the trail, Marv was posthumously inducted into the TLCA Hall of Fame. Thank you for your support TLCA.

Specter Off-Road, Inc. Image Specter Off-Road, Inc. Image Specter Off-Road, Inc. Image

Thank you TLCA

Organizering Committee
Click the photos to enlarge.

Scott & Sandee Andrews
Andrews Powder Coating
Steve & Miyuki Kopito
Owens Export Service
Keith Dittmer

The Myth, The Legend
Dan Dominy

Dominy Film & Video
Alejandro Tejero & Zulay Nuñez
Honorary SOR
Brian Epstein

Force Field, Inc.
Juli Fennel

Larry & Ellen Althoff

Mike Dekker

Mike Dekker Designs

Special thanks to:
Click the photos to enlarge.

Skin Deep with the Karl Murakami Band
Dave Romeo, Darren Dever, Chris Terbis, Karl Murakami, Mike Rigby, Ryan browne, Steven Rubio, Kenny Ulrich,
& Special Guest; Sophie Reichl,

Jack (Bagpipe) Daley
Amazing Grace
Dean Greeley

Flame Enterprises, Inc.
Sergio Nunez

Flame Enterprises, Inc.
Carlos Moreira

Flame Enterprises, Inc.
Johnathan Ward


Fire Station 96 (file photo)

The SOR Employees

Awsome Team
Bill Sanders & Pete Springer

Specials thanks to the volunteers that made this event go so smoothely.

Brian Worthan, Captain Allen Machynia, Amber Lau, Gabriella Aluotto, Bryan Kehoe, Lisa Kay Epstein, Jose Avila,
Tim and Teri Cooper, Leslie Brown, Amy Sturgiss, Alexis Morales, Cindy Dempsay-Sleman, Cindy Randall,
Geovanny Aldana, Cristy Almonaci, Kim Gaeta, Carlos Hernandez, Kevin Galindo,
Giovanni Galindo, Benjamin Sleman, Ed Jones

...what a team! But don't forget...

Harbie the
Harbor Seal

The Photographers & Videographers
Click the photos to enlarge.

Daisuke Tomiyasu
Read Bear's Blog; A Memior.
Marvisims - Death of an American businessman friend of mine. (English) (Japanese)

Van Pelt
Bill Guzenski & Sandi Gellner

Security & Support
Click the photos to enlarge.

Interamerican Motor
Corp (IMC)
Thank you IMC for providing parking.
(Craig Burns, John Tailon, Scott Chistie
& Paul Tailon)
Parking &
Traffic Control
El Camino Real
High School NJROTC
Only a few cadets shown here. Many more participated. Thank you all!

Special Acknowlegement
Click the photos to enlarge.

Chelsea Keating,
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


All About Printing

Union Bank, Chatsworth
Jeana Sadoris - Nestle - Water donation
Force Field - Audio equipment and engineer
Drew Poley, Don't Wonder Productions - Video and engineers
Jorge Mendez - Water donation
John Scheiss - Custom Built Machines Inc.
Megan Cottier, District Director Twelfth District
Blake Rong, Autoweek

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