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FJ55 Emblems

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FJ55 Front Emblem Position Front Emblem Front Emblem Land Cruiser Emblem Toyota Emblem Dash Emblem Side Vent
FJ55 Rear Emblem Position Toyota Rear Side Vent 4 Wheel Drive

Front Grill Emblem — 1958-1984 40 & 45 Series
#1 - Emblem — 10/69-1/75
Front Emblem Emblem

Dash Emblem

#2 - Dash Emblem — 1968-7/80
Toyota Land Cruiser Dash Emblem Emblem
1968-7/92 Toyota Land Cruiser Dash Emblem

Toyota Land Cruiser Dash Emblem Emblem
9/72-7/80 Toyota Land Cruiser Dash Emblem

Side Emblems & Vents

#3 - Front Side Vent — 1968-7/80
Front Apron Vent Vent
FJ55 Front Apron Vent
#4 & #5 - Front Side Emblems — 1968-7/80
FJ55 Front Toyota Emblem Emblem

FJ55 Land Cruiser Fender Emblem Emblem
1968-9/73 FJ55 Fender Emblems

9/73-7/80 FJ55 Fender Emblem Emblem
9/73-9/73 FJ55 Fender Emblems
#6 - Rear Side Vent — 9/72-7/80
FJ55 Rear Side Vent Vent
9/72-7/80 FJ55 Rear Side Vent

Rear Emblems

Rear Emblem Locations (click for large picture).
These examples are USA specification with the exception of the Ambulance Door style shown above
#7 & #8 - Rear Emblems — 1968-7/80
FJ55 Rear 4 Wheel Drive Emblem Emblem Nut
FJ55 Rear Toyota Emblem Emblem Nut

1968-7/80 Rear FJ55 Emblems

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