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FJ40 and FJ45 Land Cruiser Switches, Relays and Flashers - 8/80-1984

FJ40, FJ45 and FJ55 Dash Switches, Fuse Block, Oil Pressure and Fuel Sending Units, Fan, Horn and Other Relays and Flashers - 1968-7/80 - 8/80-1984

1958-7/80 FJ40, FJ45 and FJ55

This page focuses 8/80 and later FJ40, FJ45 and FJ55 switches and relays. As with the rest of the SOR website, clicking on the blue highlighted numbers in the line drawings will list that part for all models. For Land Cruiser switches and relays specific to later models click the following images:

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Some Relays & Switches Not Shown Here

We stock numerous new and used relays, and can order any relay still available from Toyota. If you can't find what you need, please check your part carefully and get the 10 digit O.E.M. part number then call us for price and availability. Also, check the Price List for additional listings not shown on this page.

Courtesy Lamp, Inspection Lamp & Plug
Courtesy Lamp
Courtesy Light diagram Courtesy Light
Inspection Lamp
Inspection Light photo link

Inspection Lamp Plug
Plug SocketScrew
Located on the Firewall
below the Glove box
Inspection Lamp Plug
Plug SocketScrew
Located inside the
Glove box

Heater Switch - Front
Front Heater Switch
Rear Heater Switch — 8/80-1/81
Rear Heater Switch
Rear Switch
Sending Unit
Temperature Sending Units
September 1977  to July 1980 Igniter Assembly

Component Location - Engine Compartment
Engine Compartment Component Location
Voltage Regulator Bolt Igniter Bolt Bolt Valve Bolt washer Nut washer swt assy
FJ40 Engine Switches Oil Preasure Sender Internal Voltage Regulator Nut EGR Sensor Washer Temp Sensor Cooling Fan Sensor
Vacuum Switch
Vacuum Switch

Component Location - Dash Board
Dash Switches
Switch Nut Hazard Switch Knob Plug Screw Hazard Switch Knob Label Plate Light Switch Bulb Switch nut Light Cigarette Lighter Assembly Heater Switch Wiper Switch Knob Switch Nut Wiper Switch
Relays and Flashers - Under Dash Board
Under dash relays and flashers Seat Belt Relay Bolt Bolt Bolt Cooling fan relay Bracket Cooling fan relay Brake light switch Flasher Bolt Computer Bolt Fuse Fuse Block Cover Bolt Bolt Nut Bracket Nut Brake Light Switch Door Light Switch O2 Sensor Gasket Bolt
Tech Note
Tech Tip: Backup Switch Locations
Backup Switch Location for Land Cruiser Manual Transmissions
Click the picture for a larger views
SOR Product Photo
Column Shift
3 Speed

Note: Located just above steering box on steering column. See page 056 Column Shift Assembly.
SOR Product Photo
Floor Shift
3 Speed

Note: Located on the tower section of the top cover plate.
SOR Product Photo
Floor Shift
4 Speed

Note: Found on 40 Series. Has one piece transfercase housing.
SOR Product Photo
4 Speed

Note: Found on 40 Series. Has split case transfercase housing.
SOR Product Photo
Floor Shift
4 Speed

Note: Found on 60 & 62 Series
SOR Product Photo
Floor Shift
5 Speed
1982 - 1990

Note: Non USA Land Cruisers
Your transmission may have more switches than what appears in these pictures, however the backup switch will be found in the position illustrated in these photographs.
Back up to Backup Switches

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